Jump On the Social Networking Bandwagon

Social Networking and Social Media Optimisation are here to stay. With thousands, maybe millions, of internet users engaging in some sort of social networking activity every day, it is easy to understand why it is becoming such a powerful online marketing tool.

Many companies are jumping on the social networking bandwagon for numerous reasons, some with the intention to build a bigger network of prospects others to increase their brand awareness. Whatever the reason might be, social networking sites are becoming so popular that companies who do not take advantage from it are missing out big time.

Small companies with a well-planned online marketing campaign are increasing their revenue year by year and are gaining advantage over big organisations that failed or were too slow to predict the potential of social networking.

Take the bakery trade for instance. More and more bakeries around the country are investing part of their marketing budget on social networking sites like Bebo and Facebook, and they are receiving great feedback from it.

In one of these bakeries based in London, clients can order the products online and have it delivered to any address in Greater London. Besides the website, the company has a Facebook Page, a blog and accounts in other social networking sites like YouTube and Flickr.

What is so great about social media marketing is that there is no need to spend rivers of money or many hours of work to achieve good results.

So, what are you waiting for? Jump on the Social Networking Bandwagon!

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link your way to the top with the right anchor text

Link building plays an important role in the success of an SEO campaign. When link building, every little helps, because a link is a link and all these links build up the link popularity of a site. In this post I’ll talk about the most important factor of a site’s link popularity, the anchor text.

Wikipedia defines anchor text as:

“…the visible, clickable text in a hyperlink. The words contained in the Anchor text can determine the ranking that the page will receive by search engines.”

I have a simpler explanation to it, a hypertext link is any text placed between the <a> and </a> tag also known as anchor tags, therefore the term “anchor text”, here is how  a hypertext link looks like in a HTML document:

<a href=”/search-engine-marketing.php”>SEO Bedford</a>

Where <a is the beginning of the anchor tag, href is an attribute of <a> and refers to a specific location of the web or within a website and “SEO Bedford” is the anchor text.

Making use of the right anchor text puts you one step ahead of your competitors, my advice here is to use your most competitive keywords in the anchor texts of your inbound links, sometimes you don’t have control over those links due to the fact that they are in sites others control.

My suggestion here is to constantly monitor who is linking to your site and contact the site owners or webmasters and ask them if it is possible to modify the link to add the correct anchor text.

All this process is not as easy as it seems, nowadays getting an anchor text link from another website, specially an authority site, is worth much more than gold due to its value from a ranking standpoint.

My last piece of advice is, ensure you do your keyword research to optimise the anchor text to its full potential and try various link building tactics, then stick to them and create unique and link worthy on page content.

digg and myspace out of time 50 best websites 2009

Every year time.com, the Time Magazine website, releases a list of the top 50 best websites and this year there are some suprises, at least in my opinion.

Time’s criteria to choose these sites is quite simple, they pick websites that help users improve their internet experience like yelp.com and its UK version yelp.co.uk – Yelp helps you find the best restaurant, pubs and other local services in your area.

Or another site that meets the selection criteria is Fora.tv; a site with a wide variety of videos in a variety of subjects that are piped in from the top leading conferences from around the world. Its a great site to visit when you are tired of watching cat videos on YouTube and you feel that your brain needs some intellectual stimulation.

Within Time’s 50 best websites for 2009 you will find a list of sites to help you surf the web better, enjoy yourself, shop or just kill time on the Web.

But the big surprise is that sites like Digg and MySpace were left out of this year’s list.

Digg, as most of you already know, is a leading social news site famous for driving tons of traffic when content is promoted to its front page.

MySpace needs no introduction, the second biggest social networking site on the web which over the past year or so lost its top spot to Facebook.

Over the past year both sites have encountered ups and downs which might explain why they were not included in this year’s list.

Do you know any site that should’ve been on that list, or do you not agree with some of sites you saw on it? Please leave your opinions in our comments section and maybe we can make our own top 50 websites list!

Prescott Uses Social Media & Blogging to Promote Climate Change

John Prescott, who is an unlikely fan of blogging, recently raised his profile through the use of twitter using it to post news about the Tories and NHS.

The politician is also planning to use social networking sites to try to get people involved in a global deal on climate change.

In his new role, Prescott is responsible for finding out the opinion of the public and reporting back to the Council before the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in December.

The Copenhagen meeting will bring together more than 90 countries to find a way to keep global warming below two degrees C by 2050.

Mr Prescott is also launching a new website, New Earth Deal, designed to promote the idea of a fairer settlement on climate change by requiring bigger cuts in emissions by rich countries and financial help for developing countries.

Online Marketing is fast becoming the most effective way of promoting any kind of business or event and with the help of blogs and social media yours can now be found easier.

For more information on all of our online marketing services including blogging, website development and search engine optimisation please visit the THUK website.

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